What Are the Benefits of an L-1 Visa for Families?

Posted By Kil Mallock on Jun 19, 2016 | 0 comments

Those who are working abroad for a US-based company or their affiliates can come to the United States through the L-1 visa. This temporary working visa is made available for intra-company transferees and allows them to work for their companies inside the United States. The best thing about the L-1 working visa is that there no limitations to the number of people who can enter using this visa, so it appeals most to many foreign workers.

Among the key features that the L-1 working visa can provide is that you are allowed to work in the United States for three years straight and will be allowed to apply for an extension for two years, until you have reached a maximum of seven years. Your employment should only be exclusive to your US employer who has sponsored your working visa. It should their subsidiary, branch, parent, joint, or affiliate venture partner whom you are working for when you were outside the United States.

Another advantage that the L-1 visa can provide is the possibility of having your wife and/or children with you in the US through application for the US’s employment authorization. You will also be allowed to travel in and outside the United States until the end or expiration of your L-1 visa. For those who hold managerial or executive level positions, they have the option of applying for an US green card, as the L-1 visa is deemed a “dual intent” this means even when you already have the L-1 visa, you can also apply for a US permanent residency.

The company or enterprise you will be working for in the US may work on any specific business structure. Whether you work in a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, nonprofit or religious organizations, as long as the company is legal then it is acceptable. Furthermore, you may be asked to work full time in the US, but you have the freedom have less time provided you dedicate a significant amount of your working time on a systematic and regular basis.

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