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Those who are working abroad for a US-based company or their affiliates can come to the United States through the L-1 visa. This temporary working visa is made available for intra-company transferees and allows them to work for their companies inside the United States. The best thing about the L-1 working visa is that there no limitations to the number of people who can enter using this visa, so it appeals most to many foreign workers.

Among the key features that the L-1 working visa can provide is that you are allowed to work in the United States for three years straight and will be allowed to apply for an extension for two years, until you have reached a maximum of seven years. Your employment should only be exclusive to your US employer who has sponsored your working visa. It should their subsidiary, branch, parent, joint, or affiliate venture partner whom you are working for when you were outside the United States.

Another advantage that the L-1 visa can provide is the possibility of having your wife and/or children with you in the US through application for the US’s employment authorization. You will also be allowed to travel in and outside the United States until the end or expiration of your L-1 visa. For those who hold managerial or executive level positions, they have the option of applying for an US green card, as the L-1 visa is deemed a “dual intent” this means even when you already have the L-1 visa, you can also apply for a US permanent residency.

The company or enterprise you will be working for in the US may work on any specific business structure. Whether you work in a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, nonprofit or religious organizations, as long as the company is legal then it is acceptable. Furthermore, you may be asked to work full time in the US, but you have the freedom have less time provided you dedicate a significant amount of your working time on a systematic and regular basis.

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Hit and Run Accidents

Posted By on Feb 16, 2016

It can be very confusing and difficult to deal with a hit and run incident, especially if you are the victim or the accident. Hit and run accident does raise a number of legal problems; potential civil and criminal cases for the runner who caused the accident, and the problems that the victim will face in order to get compensation. The legal consequences of a hit and run accident goes far beyond a simple traffic accident, as more likely the victim would have suffered serious injuries and feeling the scene of the accident makes the runner more blameworthy.

Laws regarding hit and run accidents require drivers to stop, give their identification and provide assistance to the victim or victims. This ensures that victims of auto accidents are given the necessary medical assistance for their injuries and property damage is covered by compensation. In statutes that do not specify hit and run should only occur in public roads, hit and run that occurred in private property can also be considered a violation of the law.

Just as with any personal injury claims, there are certain factors that should be present in order to make a hit and run viable. First, the driver should have knowledge of the accident, even if the evidence is circumstantial. Williams Kherkher is among the many personal injury lawyers who help represent victims of auto accident and hit and runs, and the responsibilities of the driver who hit the victim may vary depending on the state. Some states require drivers to stop, assist, and give their ID to the victim regardless of whether there is injury or property damage, while some states require drivers to be aware of the accident and resulting injuries and damages before stopping. Providing the necessary identification (name, address, and phone number) is generally enough for the requirement, and those who give out false information may risk criminal prosecution.

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Since the Volkswagen scandal became public, the future of the large German automotive company was unclear. Volkswagen admitted to installing “defeat devices” in over about 500,000 US vehicles and 11 million worldwide, which enabled their vehicles to detect when emission tests were being performed and reduce the amount of pollutants emitted during the test. However, when the cars were actually being driven on the road, the cars could emit up to 40 times the legal amount of pollutants.

Amid the scandal, Volkswagen’s CEO Martin Winterkorn has already resigned and stock prices have plummeted 30 percent. In addition, although Volkswagen has already set aside $7.3 billion to alleviate the scandal, they may face more substantial fines. Since VW knowingly violated the Clean Air Act, they could face a fine of up to $37,500 for each of the 482,000 affected US vehicles—adding up to more than $18 billion. Volkswagen also faces countless lawsuits from furious owners of the affected vehicles, who bought the models specifically for their supposed friendly impact on the environment.

Investigations are still underway against Volkswagen. If it is revealed that company officials knew about or concealed the scandal, criminal charges may also be a possibility. Perhaps the most damaging aspect of the scandal is the large stake Volkswagen placed on their clean diesel vehicles to establish their brand. VW was one of the first companies to offer clean diesel vehicles that accounted for a large percentage of their sales in the past year. Owners of these vehicles are expressing their outrage publicly at the company and complaints against the company continue to pile up. Needless to say, VW’s future reputation and the impact of the scandal on their sales are unclear. Although dealers have been ordered to halt sales of affected vehicles, no official recall has been made yet.

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Roofing Materials Pros and Cons

Posted By on Jul 19, 2015

Your roof protects you and your home from the elements. Not only does your roof protect your property from damage but it also can increase your home’s value. With your roof being charged with tasks as important as protecting your property and loved ones, it is important to choose the material that will work best for your life style and the weather conditions in your area.

Asphalt: This is the most commonly used material for roofing because it is one of the least expensive. It can be made in a variety of colors and thicknesses in order to suit your preferences, and is very fire resistant. However, the shingles are lightweight and not very resistant to wind, it won’t last as long as other materials, and it is made from petroleum products, which is bad for the environment.

Metal: Metal roofing can be steel, aluminum, copper, or a zinc alloy. Prices range from moderate to expensive, but these roofs provide wonderful protection from fire and wind and will last a very long time. Some are made from recycled materials and most can be recycled when they need to be replaced. However, some find metal roofing to be loud during rainstorms without proper insulation.

Synthetic: Always made from some form of plastic, synthetic roofing is inexpensive and can be made to resemble other, pricier materials. It provides good protection, is long lasting, recyclable, and moderate in weight so it does not require extra support.

Clay tile: Red clay tiles give homes a traditional Spanish or Italian look. It is one of the most expensive options, and the tiles can be brittle and a few will need to be replaced time to time, but as a whole these roofs are very long lasting. They provide great protection from wind and fire, and are made from natural materials but are very heavy and will require additional support.

Others: Concrete, slate, and wood are less commonly used for various reasons. Concrete functions just like clay tile and is less expensive, but most do not like the look of concrete roofs. Slate is the oldest form of roofing material and gives homes a classic look, but it is very expensive and requires specialists to install it. Wood gives homes a unique, rustic look and is only moderately expensive but requires frequent maintenance and has to be coated to be fire resistant.

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Bextra and Xarelto Side Effects

Posted By on Jul 17, 2015

Millions of people worldwide rely on pharmaceuticals to manage health conditions and pain. We all trust the manufacturers of these medications to make their products in a safe manner and be clear about any and all possible side effects. Sadly, according to the website of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, sometimes mistakes are made and people are harmed. Bextra and Xarelto are two of these drugs whose manufacturers made a mistake.

Bextra is an antiflamitory, nonsteroidal drug that is used to alleviate pain. The benefit to Bextra over other painkilling medications is that Bextra causes less stomach irritation. It was most commonly used to alleviate the pain associated with osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis since it also works to reduce inflammation, but it was also used to treat painful menstruation in women.

However, it was found that taking Bextra increases your risk for heart attack and stroke. Bextra can also cause Stevens-Johson syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrosis. Both are skin reactions that result in a painful red rash that can be accompanied by blisters and a mucous membrane. These reactions can cause life-long disability and deformation, and in more serious cases, death.

Xarelto is an anticoagulant drug that was most commonly given to patients who had received a hip replacement. It was meant to prevent the development of deep vein thrombosis, which is a blood clot in a vein deep within the body. These clots have the ability to break away and make it to the heart, where they can become lodged and cause a heart attack or life long damage.

According to the website of Williams Kherkher, the main side effect of Xarelto is gastrointestinal bleeding. However, it can also cause the patients to vomit blood, have painful/bloody urine, have blood in their stool, and can even cause brain hemorraging, which can be deadly.

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